We partner with school districts to help them make healthy and sustainable changes to the school food program. Our method for change includes:

  1. Food Subsidy Grants. The Life Time Foundation offers short-term grants to offset the cost of serving healthier food that eliminates the Harmful 7 Ingredients of Concern.
  2. Capital Equipment Grants. The Life Time Foundation gives one-time grants for kitchen equipment to make it possible for schools to serve healthier, scratch-cooked food.
  3. Education Materials for Kids. The Life Time Foundation provides schools with educational tools and materials that encourage kids to eat healthy.
  4. Education & Training for Staff. The Life Time Foundation hosts an annual Culinary Boot Camp for school nutrition staff. This fun and hands-on event teaches them new cooking skills, procurement practices, peer-to-peer training and new healthy recipes that kids will love.
  5. Hooray 4 Healthy. The Life Time Foundation offers a free series of six 20-minute lessons on nutrition and physical activity. Hooray 4 Healthy lessons are geared to first- and second-grade students and are taught by trained and certified Life Time team members.
  6. Online Collaborative.The Life Time Foundation Collaborative is an online community created specifically for school nutrition staff and school food experts. It’s a place where they can share procurement practices, industry updates and best practices. The Collaborative also hosts quarterly phone- and web-based training sessions.
  7. The Lunch Box. In partnership with the Chef Ann Foundation, the Life Time Foundation supports, which is a free online resource that provides tools and education to help improve school food. The Lunch Box offers more than 200 scalable and kid-tested recipes, menu cycle tools, financial management and procurement tools, training tools, marketing and educational materials, and more.


Let’s make school food healthy, fresh and nutritious. Let’s change the School Food Program together. We invite school districts that meet the following minimum requirements to apply for consideration:

  • Committed to reducing and removing the Harmful 7 Ingredients of Concern
  • Participates in the USDA National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  • Support from key stakeholders to include Superintendent, Nutrition Director and parents
  • Self-operating School Food Program
  • District has at least one school within a 20-mile radius of a Life Time destination. For locations, visit